For me, one of the most amazing demonstrations of love and a symbol of the bond that we have is seeing my beautiful bride pass by me while cutting grass in our back yard!

Why is this amazing you ask? To fully appreciate this, you must understand that my delicate flower does not like being outside in the heat or getting dirty.  Her sensitive skin requires a great deal of sun block to avoid the damaging rays of the sun.  She ignores these issues to press on to the goal of completing our weekly yard duties.

Why does she do this?  It would be easier for her to say that this is my job to do and find some other task related to the home or working with our children.  However, my wife has discovered a way to speak my love language.  This love is demonstrated by coming along side me while I work or finding a way to help me when I am burdened with other tasks.

I will always remember when we were dating and she helped me cut my mother’s yard over 10 years ago.  I can still clearly picture her on a hill pushing that old lawn mower.  I thought she was so beautiful while working and knew at that point that this was the girl I would marry.

My wife has learned that a key way to please me in marriage is to help in my work.  This is a great demonstration of sacrifice that both men and women can learn from.  Marriage requires continual sacrifice so that the “two may become one.”  My wife knows that I enjoy completing a work task and she looks for ways to be my help mate.

So what have I done for her you ask?  I am learning to appeal to her fun side, be agreeable when shopping, and look for ways to be affectionate.  To this end, I will shamelessly provide a poem to the love of my life….


Queen of the Yard

Oh how I love you queen of the yard!  For you shed the trappings of your glamorous business woman wear and replaced them with old clothes and a baseball cap to cover your beautiful hair.  For love, you left the air conditioned rooms and traded this for grass clippings and gasoline fumes. 

Oh how I love you queen of the yard!  I watch as you carefully attend to this manual work, knowing that you love me even when I am a jerk.  Your tasks continue to mount high, yet you are always ready to help and respond with a warm reply. 

Oh how I love you queen of the yard! Your hair is still beautiful and shines in the sun.  Our children are oblivious to the work that was just done.  For you did more than cut the grass, you demonstrated your love for me and this is why our marriage is meant to last.