One of the things that we love about Marriage Daily is the great feedback we get.  I thought I’d share some of it with you (with their permission) as we talk about the danger in praying for your The Danger In Praying for your spousespouse.

One of our readers wrote “I think another reason we forget to pray for our spouse is anger. When you’re upset with your spouse the last thing you think to do is pray.”  So true. One thing we must remember is that if Jesus told us to pray for those who hate us, how much more ought we  to pray for those who love us…especially when we are angry (that prayer could save a life :). Prayer is our first line of defense.  You know, it’s really hard to stay mad when we go to God.  He has a unique way of reminding us how forgiven we are.

Another of our readers shared “Praying for our mate “to change” is excellent; however, maybe God is trying to tell us that WE are the one who needs the changes!”

And there lies the “danger” in praying for your spouse. I have found, not only in my life but with our friends and so many of the people we counsel and work with, that when I start praying for Lorrie to change God usually starts dealing with me! That’s painful. Here I am trying to get my wife to change and God is saying let’s take a look in the mirror first. I’ve come to the place now where I start checking myself first: did I handle that right, could I have said things differently, am I doing something that’s causing her to respond that way….then I ask the Holy Spirit to help us both.

Prayer Starter- Lord, help me to be a better me and focus on what I CAN control…me. Help my spouse to be everything YOU want them to be. Not my will but YOUR will be done in my husband’s/wife’s life.

Enjoy Your Marriage!
David & Lorrie