Opposites attract.  This is not just an old wives tale—it’s true.

Most of us married people with opposite personality types because we are attracted to traits that we, ourselves, do not have.  Yet, somehow we want this INDIVIDUAL to think as we do, act as we do and react as we do.  When living with this unique person with opposite strengths and weaknesses we could find 1000 things a day to disagree on and fight over. How many of those things are truly life altering? Is that really how you want to live your life? Sweatin’ the small stuff?

It’s like driving a car and being so busy swatting the gnat flying around you and you don’t see the huge Mack truck coming straight at you. The gnats are distractions meant to narrow your focus to such a degree that you are blind to the big picture.

It’s time to look in the mirror and decide if the problem is REALLY the other person or is it personal perspective that needs to be worked out within one’s self.  Some things never even need to come to the attention of the other person. After all, shouldn’t we save our ire for the truly important issues?

Enjoy Your Marriage!