Over the years as we have had the opportunity to work with couples in a variety of different places and stages in their lives and marriage; we found a common, recurring theme among couples. Few, if any, of them actually dated each other anymore. Now this is interesting because dating is key to how most couples met and started getting to know each other. Over time, through situations, circumstances and life happening, couples just started drifting unless they intentionally took steps to keep dating.

The problem seemed obvious so we decided that we could do something to help. With the support of a few friends we put together an evening where married couples could come out and relax. Along with food, meeting other people and having some fun we bring in live  music, comedy or some other entertainment in a safe environment where we could also encourage your marriage.

We also know that sometimes date night’s don’t happen because of where people are financially. We work to keep cost low and take care of one other huge obstacle…CHILDREN. So, we make sure that we always hold date nights where we can easily provide childcare for parents – at no additional cost!

Truly, date night is about letting your hair down, reconnecting and getting back to the core of the marriage, the two of you.

We have found that couples who plan and prioritize spending kid-free, distraction-free time together experience improved relationships. As a result, communication, personal and marital satisfaction and agreement improve over time.

Our hope is that as a result couples will take the initiative to start dating again, fall in love all over again and desire to go deeper to improve their marriages. We can’t personally counsel every couple in the community but we can offer an opportunity for you to reconnect. Thus fulfilling our dream…our heartbeat to strengthen marriages in our community.

David & Lorrie
One Heartbeat 

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