Tis the season to be jolly!

When you were growing up your family did this.  They went here. You always did that.  You could not wait for _________. . . But that’s not the same for your spouse.  They did this, they went here, there and everywhere.  They came to visit… The holidays did not start until he or she showed up.  You couldn’t do that until then, and you had to wait for that to do this.

Now that you’re married you have to find a way to blend this all together. What do you say? What does your spouse say?  What does mom think?  How will dad feel?  If you try to please everybody you will end up burning yourselves out.  If you try to pick and choose, you may hurt someone’s feelings.  You say to yourself “If my spouse loves me, they will do what I want”, right? Or maybe you might think “if I love my spouse, I will pretend that it’s cool and not express my disappointment, shouldn’t I”?

The holidays can be self-destructive days for a marriage if you are not careful.  Yes, you and your spouse both have separate pasts that included different traditions.  However, does God have a say-so, in your new covenant holiday



planning?  In Genesis 2:24 we see that man leaves his mother and father and cleaves to his wife, and only his wife, becoming a separate nuclear family.  Verse 25 says they both were naked and not ashamed.  (Stay with me here)  Maybe this means that they both now had a clean canvas to paint there own holiday picture with.  They both could remember and hold on to past memories while moving forward making new ones. Rather than allowing the world to strain, stress and sabotage your marriage this holiday season, stop and pray together as a couple.  Ask God to guide you in planning out your holidays so that you may get the true meaning of the season.  That is God’s love for you and your family.  God is the Third Party of your marriage covenant.  He should come before anyone or anything else.

Give thanks,