When was the last time you stopped and considered the good things, the positives about your marriage? When one or both of you lose sight of the good things about your spouse, the things that you love about them, trouble is sure to follow.

Too often we allow our current situations and circumstances to blind us from our spouses positive characteristics. When you see no good in your spouse the likelihood of fighting skyrockets. Though the fight(s) may be temporary the long term impact of the things that we said or did while were mad is immeasurable.

When I intentionally remind myself of all the good stuff about Lorrie, I realize some of the things I was mad about really aren’t that big of a deal and JUST LET IT GO. Maybe you need to join me in doing that.

Here’s a homework assignment for you:

Make a list of your spouses positive traits and the things you love about them. Each day this week I want you to revisit your list and read what you wrote about your spouse. Finally, put your list in a place where you can refer to it when you need a quick pick me up.


Enjoy Your Marriage!
David & Lorrie




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