What will you do differently this year? I know this is a pretty direct question but it’s one that needs to be asked. Many people spent the end of 2011 and have begun their 2012 making resolutions. I want to challenge you to go a different way this year. I am convinced that one of the biggest problems in marriage today is wrong priorities.

Husbands and wives are equally guilty of misplaced priorities. Here are some of the ways that we hear it when we are coaching with couples.

“He works so many hours to provide for us but we never see him”

“She’s so focused on the kids she doesn’t have time for me.” 

“We are so busy with _______ we just don’t have time for one another”

“He/She should understand that (sports, hobbies, video games, shopping, friends, fill in the blank) is important to me!”
We have our priorities out of order. We have minimized the important and glorified the trivial, while sacrificing the critical – our families.
So, what should our priorities be?

1. God – Your relationship with God sets the tone for all other relationships.

2. Family – Your spouse first then your kids

3. Work – Work is good and an avenue for provision for your household

4. Church – Your attendance and ministry to others

5. Other relationships and activities
Lorrie and I have worked to keep these priorities in order for our family and have found when we do; things tend to fall into their proper place.

This year maybe you should resolve to work on your priorities rather than set a litany of goals that move you farther away from the critical.

Happy New Year!