Marriage Intensives

Marriage Intensives

If you don’t want your marriage to end in divorce, but you don’t know how to keep it together, then our Marriage Restoration Intensives are the solution you are looking for. The Marriage Restoration Intensive is based on over a decade of intense clinical research and is proven to increase marital satisfaction and significantly decrease your chances of divorce.

What is the intensive like?

An intensive is time away from everyday distractions and a concentrated effort to build strong relational skills.  You will learn why couples divorce and what you can do to prevent your marriage from being another disappointment or failure.  With understanding and compassion our marriage consultants lead you down a path where healing and growth occur.  Our goal is not to access blame but to help you create an environment for change and “best case scenarios” in your marriage.

There are no awkward exercises during the intensive but rather focused and individualized help to move you forward in love and harmony. The time is flexible yet purposeful. You will learn specific key concepts that are proven to revitalize even the most stressed and wounded couples.

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Are You In Need of an Intensive?

Here are some signs that you may be in need of an intensive.

  • Difficulty communicating well, especially when you disagree.
  • Avoidance/Withdrawal-one or both partners choose to avoid or withdrawal from conversations as a result of negative discussion.
  • Invalidation-when one talks negatively about the beliefs, feelings, thoughts, looks, etc. of the other partner.
  • Negative Interpretations-when one partner believes that the other partner is constantly behaving/speaking in a more negative way than is actually the case.
  • Escalation-when in a discussion, one or both partners begin to escalate the conversation to hostile levels.
  • Not handling disagreements as a team.
  • Unrealistic beliefs about marriage.
  • Difference in beliefs about important issues.
  • A low level of commitment to one another (infidelity, no long-term goals, etc.)
  • Not practicing faith/spirituality together.

A 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day Marriage Intensive is designed for one couple and our highly trained marriage coaches. These are scheduled at your convenience and are available upon request. You can call us during business hours at 678-971-3123 to schedule a Marriage Restoration Intensive to fit your schedule.