At times I think it’s healthy to take a good look at just how important your marriage is. Your marriage is important to:

Your Spouse – They married you with the intent of being married for a lifetime. Not only is your marriage important to your spouse, YOU are important to your spouse.
Your Children – They are a gift to each of you and even when they are at their worst they need you. They need to see how you love each other, care for each other and persevere through the hard times.
Your Extended Family & Friends – Your marriage speaks volumes to your extended family and friends. It’s not because you are always doling out all kinds of great advice but it’s how you live your lives together that speaks volumes.
Your Community – Strong marriages produce strong families. Strong families make for stronger communities. Your marriage is an influence on your community.
God – He took you at your word when you committed to love, honor and cherish each other in the sight of God and man. When we walk out the day-to-day of married life with hearts that desire to honor him, our marriages bring glory God and confirm His plan for marriage.
Your marriage matters to us! We believe in your marriage, your covenant with one another, we pray for you and will do whatever we can to help strengthen your marriage.
Enjoy Your Marriage!