I often tell people that the personality types can all relate to Pooh Corner.  Take a look!

Popular Sanguine: Fun, lively, entertaining talker, looking for the next party. (aka Tigger)

Powerful Choleric: Dynamic, active, strong-willed leader, looking for the club that needs a president. (aka Rabbit)

Perfect Melancholy: Deep, thoughtful, creative poet waiting for someone to listen to and understand them. (aka Eeyore)

Peaceful Phlegmatic: Low-key, easygoing, relaxed peace maker looking for a comfortable place to sit down. (AKA Pooh)

***Think I’ll join Pooh for some honey and we’ll have our little party of two!

Lorrie McIntyre

Can you identify the personality types of Lucy, Ricky, Fred & Ethel from I Love Lucy? Tell us what you think in the comments!