Irreconcilable Personality DifferencesI came across an article on the web about the latest Hollywood divorce. The reason – irreconcilable personality differences. Really? Honestly, this one caught me off guard because I have heard of the

As a personality coach I always find personality differences an interesting thing that people mention when things aren’t going well. It comes across something like “we’re just so different”,” we don’t see things the same way”, and “we’re total opposites”. Usually, it’s those very personality differences that drew you to your spouse in the first place. When we were dating we could go our separate ways at the end of an evening. Once we’re married we get to experience those “differences” full-scale, 24/7. standard irreconcilable differences before but not irreconcilable personality differences? Really?

Part of the strengthening of our marriages is working through our differences. When we do this we grow in our acceptance of one another, we learn to compromise, marital satisfaction increases, trust is developed and communication improves.

If we allow them to, our differences can make us better rather than destroy our marriages.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Stephen Covey;

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood.