Finish The ProcessChange in your marriage is not an event but a process. Do you finish the process or are you guilty of not seeing it through to the end?

Everyone has there path to take to get to a place of change, growth and maturity but it is a process. One of the most detrimental thoughts you can have about change in your marriage and relationships is that it can happen overnight. Now, before you bombard me with stories about people who changed over night let me say that those stories are usually the exception not the rule.

In relationships when things are going bad we just want them to get back to “normal”. To return to a place of comfort and relational stability…and we want it to change now! Typically couples don’t find themselves in a place of marital trouble and turmoil because of an overnight event. Usually, it’s the combination of a series of unresolved issues and/or unmet needs and expectations combined with time that eventually shape your current state of unhappiness.

One of the first things we tell couples who take our small group is to expect the process of change to take at least 6months to a year. Some gasp at the thought but we have come to realize that change is a process. If cut short or aborted to early any change that has occurred can easily be unraveled. When you complete the process we come out on the other side stronger, closer, better than you were when you started.

Without a doubt marriage takes work. It’s an on-going process of change, adapting and sacrifice…It’s so worth it! See it through to the end and expect to be better as a result.

I leave you with this piece of advice from Commander Jason Nesmith:

Never give up, never surrender. ~Jason Nesmith, Galaxy Quest

Finish the process.


What things have stopped you from finishing the process?