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Every Marriage Needs Compassion

When we think of compassion we tend to think about it in external way that applies to being compassionate towards other people. It’s not a word we tend to immediately apply to marriage. Yet, when we look at the meaning of the word its application at home is...

A Kind Word Waiting For Your Beloved

Anxiety is defined as inner turmoil, uneasiness, fear and worry and our world is full of it. There is so much going on in and around us that we need a respite from the suffering. Consider Proverbs 12:25 today and have a kind word waiting for your beloved. Enjoy Your...

Is the problem truly communication?

When asked what the number one reason for divorce is, most people say “money”. When we ask couples in counseling what their biggest issue is, they all say “communication”. Money is only a symptom of their larger communication problem. However,...

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