As we continue to talk about commitment I want to share this great note I got from one of our Marriage Daily subscribers (you can learn more about it here) after reading “Are You Committed?“.  With her permission, I thought I would share it with you.

“I used to work for a church in Roanoke, VA which


As Long As Our Love Shall Last

was absolutely beautiful for weddings. Couples would come in and make their plans and would choose their vows from a large book or write their own and then I in turn would type them up for the Pastor.

Too many times I had to type, “as long as our love shall last”.  Now that seems to me to be an “easy out clause”.

After 44 years with my precious Charlie, commitment is still the word.  But, at our age, it takes on another “view”. Commitment through life altering illnesses, commitment as our bodies get old and don’t move and perform as they once did.  Commitment in each little line on our face and as the hair turns from brown to silver. Commitment as we face the reality of death and heaven.”

I couldn’t have said it better!

Enjoy your marriage,
David McIntyre