5 Reasons We Don’t Pray For Our Spouses1. We get busy and forget

We all get busy. It’s easy to jump into the day and before you know it its bedtime again and we have forgotten to pray for our spouses. You will not experience the power to change your marriage without being 1) intentional and 2) consistent. Set a specific time each day to pray for your husband/wife, put it on your daily to do list, set up a trigger like when she calls I’m going to pray for her. Purposefully build praying for them into your day.

2. We don’t believe it’s going to make any difference
 We don’t believe change is going to happen because our spouse is to stubborn, we don’t believe our prayers are effective, we’ve tried it before and nothing happened or a mix of all the above. Prayer is an act of our faith. Often, we don’t trust that He hears our prayers and will help us. Until we grow in our trust that He loves us, hears our prayers, especially our prayers for our spouse, and will help us we will always feel like our prayers come up short.

3. God doesn’t move fast enough
We go to God with a timeline in hand and we want things changed in the next 24-48 hours. Change is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. If you want lasting, real change you need to prepare yourself for the process not an event. God is moving in His perfect timing we have to learn to be patient and allow Him room to work in our spouses.

4. Personal Guilt
We all have a past that, sometimes, tries to get in the way of our present and our future. We look at our own mistakes, failures and shortcomings and don’t feel like we can come to God because of our own stuff yet we want so badly to see change in our marriages. The answer – pray for your stuff AND pray for your marriage. God is interested in both being well!

5. Don’t know where to start
Prayer is talking to God. Just talk to Him. Don’t try to make it fancy or like other people you have heard pray. Start by telling Him what’s in your heart and ask for His help and guidance in a situation or circumstance you are going through. Then, simply believe that hears you and will help. You can start with the simple direction Jesus gave in Luke 11:1-4 when how we should pray.

Prayer Starter: “Lord, help me to seek you first and trust you with my marriage and family. Because I look to you first and don’t quit or give up I will see the benefits of my prayers come to pass in me, in my husband/wife and in my family.”

What things get in the way of praying for your spouse?
David & Lorrie McIntyre

photo credit: Chema Concellon via photopin cc