1. We believe in marriage.  And all that comes with it. Its ups and downs, joys and pains, challenges and triumphs.
  2. We believe in the traditional truth of marriage. One man. One woman. That is all.
  3. We believe marriage should be fun
  4. We believe that your best chance for a great marriage is with Christ at the center
  5. We believe that one of the single biggest diseases plaguing marriage is selfishness
  6. The other is the culture
  7. We believe that a marriage you work at is a marriage that works
  8. We believe you can come back from the brink of divorce
  9. We believe that couples should regularly connect with other couples for friendship, accountability and support. Every couple should have a good support system around them of other couples that believe in marriage.
  10. We believe in the tools and resources we offer. Often times, regardless of the tool, the difference maker is application